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Water Resources Planning Act

Our Position: no position
Bill Number: H.3132
Sponsor: Rep. Bowen, R-Anderson
Legislative Session: 09

Comprehensive Statewide Water Management Act. H. 3132 Rep. Bowen: A bill to amend Chapter 3, Title 49, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to water resources planning and coordination by adding Article 3, so as to enact the "South Carolina Comprehensive Statewide Water Management Act of 2009", including provisions to require the development of a Statewide Comprehensive Water Management Program; to provide for principles on which such program must be based; to require all water withdrawal permit decisions to be made in accordance with the program; to provide for effect of noncompliance with the program; to provide for a South Carolina Water Planning Committee and for its composition and duties; to provide procedures for program development, adoption, and revision; to designate § 49‑3‑10 through § 49‑3‑50 of the 1976 Code as Article 1, Chapter 3 of Title 49; and to repeal Chapter 21 of Title 49 relating to the interbasin transfer of water upon approval of the General Assembly by joint resolution of the Statewide Comprehensive Water Management Program provided above. Referred to Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs.



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