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Solid Waste:
Beverage Container Recycling Act

Our Position: support
Bill Number: H.3225
Sponsor: Rep. James Smith
Legislative Session: 2013

This "recycling bottle bill" would establish a "Deposit Beverage Container fund" for monies accrued through the requirement of of deposit beverage distributors in the state to pay a container recovery fee and a deposit for each bottle container sold in the state. These distributors would offset this cost by charging dealers or consumers a fee equal to the refund value of the beverage container, which would, by this law's institution, be easily visible on all bottle containers. The fund and program would be overseen by the Bureau of Land and Waste Management under DHEC.


01/15/13 Referred to the House Judiciary Committee for subcommittee assignment

Action Needed

Contact your State Representative in support of this bill. Also contact Members of the House Judiciary Committee in support of this bill.

More information



This bottle recycling measure has been implemented in many other states - and it has seen success in them. Please go here for more information on the bill: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/billsearch.php?billnumbers=3235&session=120&summary=B.


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