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Surface Water - Fairness of Permitting

Our Position: support
Bill Number: H.4817
Sponsor: Rep. J.E. Smith
Legislative Session: 2014

This bill eliminates the agricultural registration process in the surface water permitting act, making all withdrawals go through the permit process, if not already registered, beginning July 1, 2014. All future registration expansions must get permits to do so.


5/13/14: This joint resolution was introduced in the House this year and has yet to receive subcommittee assignment.

Action Needed

Contact members of the House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee and tell them to support this bill and to call for a subcommittee hearing on this bill in 2014!

If your Representative is not on this Committee, please contact your Representative and ask them to support the bill and to call for a subcommittee hearing on it.

To find your Representative, please use the "Find Your Legislators" application in the bottom, left corner of the main page, found here.

More information



As an outcome of the scare presented by the originally proposed withdrawals along the South Fork of the Edisto River, we have come up with a set of principals which should guide future changes to future surface water withdrawal law changes in our state. They are here.

For more background on what happened with the proposals along the Edisto, read our 2014 Winter Congaree Chronicle.


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