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Transportation Overhaul

Our Position: support
Bill Number: S.209
Sponsor: Sen. Sheheen, Sen. Gregory, and Sen. Peeler
Legislative Session: none

This bill would do away with the SC Transportation Bank and roll over its duties into the Department of Transportation and would ensure appropriate funding is in place to finish transportation projects undertaken prior to launching such projects.


Referred to the Senate Finance Committee for subcommittee assignment.

Action Needed

Contact members of the Senate Finance Committee in support of this bill.

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The SC Transportation Bank has worked to fund projects separately from the Department of Transportation to-date. As a result, transportation outlays for new projects and those for maintenance and operation of current projects were not always on the same page, resulting in inconsistencies in approach, planning, and funding of ongoing transporation initiatives. In many instances, new projects for new roads/highways would begin under supervision of the Transportation Bank that wouldn't be finished on time (or still aren't) due to funding running out.

This has detrimental environmental effects, ruining ecosystems, land-use planning and waterways. And tabling funding plans for environmental "fixes" that were initially to be laid out upon the project's completion.

It is important that we finish current and ongoing maintenance efforts before we take on new efforts without known funding - both for our environment and our state's economy. As in many other instances, environmental protection goes hand-in-hand with smart budgeting.


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