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Events and Outings-2014

PLEASE NOTE : Our participant donation for outings has been $2 for many years. Beginning in January, the suggested donation amounts are as follows: Day hike $5; Overnight trip $10; Students $3. These funds go to the Lunz Group (not the outings leader) to help with club expenses.This is a voluntary donation, not a fee, and goes toward supporting group activities and expenses.

We are trying to get a handle on our organizational activities CO2 footprint. Help us out by recording your driving mileage to and from a Sierra Club outing.

In order to participate in a Sierra Club outing, you will need to sign a liability waiver. Read the liability waiver prior to the outing at or call 415-977-5630. The waiver is also available on the day of the outing.

In the interest of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

Membership Meeting 7 PM


(Baruch Auditorium on MUSC campus at 284 Calhoun St

Thursday December 4, 7:00-8:30pm

Citadel Associate Professor Paul Nolan

Applying Evolutionary Theory to Antarctic Conservation

Animals often "are what they eat," but they also "are" a representation of their life experiences and the environment in which they live. Their outward appearance can both literally and figuratively reflect their physiology, nutrition and overall health. Evidence from a wide variety of taxa supports the hypothesis that an animal's phenotype--the external manifestation of its genes, or what you actually observe--can signal features such as its stress levels on different time scales, its reproductive receptivity, even its developmental history. Dr. Nolanís previous research has studied the use of that information by individual birds making mate choice decisions, but we can also use it to assess the condition of birds encountered in the wild.

Antarctic penguins display a variety of colors in their feathers, feet, and beak. Those colors depend on pigments gained from the environment, and represent a tradeoff between pigment use in signaling vs. use in the immune system. Stressors in the animals' environment should be reflected in their integumentary color, and may also be captured as elevated stress-hormone levels as measured in feather samples. Dr. Nolan will describe a new project in which he and his colleagues are examining variation in penguins' stress levels relative to characteristics of their physical and social environment.

Dr. Paul Nolan is Associate Professor of Biology at The Citadel. With an interdisciplinary background, he holds degrees in Environmental Resource Management (B.S.; Penn State), Avian Sciences (M.S.; Univ. of California, Davis), and Zoology (Ph.D.; Auburn University). His research interest in the integrative field of animal behavior requires looking broadly at animals to determine the many factors that can influence complex behaviors. His specific research interests fall into three categories: mate choice by penguins and other birds, avian community use of human-impacted environments, and animal disease ecology.

Dr. Nolanís teaching expertise ranges from presentations to elementary and middle school children, to beginning and advanced college-level students, to graduate students, both as a major advisor of M.S. research and as a mentor for teaching interns in MUSCís teacher training program.

Paul Nolan


Sierra Club mission: Explore, enjoy and protect the Planet. South Carolina Environmental Law Project

In case you missed last April's Ports program, here is a link to the full presentation. The link has audio and the slides

In case you missed last February's program, here is a link to the full presentation. The link has audio and the slides

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Most Weekends - Cycling for Fitness.

Why crank out those endless boring miles on the stationary bike at the fitne center when you could be out in the fresh air and sunshine on a real bicycle? Rides include the Francis Marion National Forest, various wildlife refuges, the Kiawah beach, the pastoral countryside of Meggett, etc. Lengths vary from 14 to 24 miles, and are flexible enough to allow for different speeds and abilities. Lunch after. Call Bill Turner at 571-3503.

Friday-Sat December 12-13 Overnight Car Camping Huntington Beach State Park-Brookgreen Gardens Nights of 1000 candles.

We will drive up Friday night spend the day Saturday birding and possibly paddling in the area then visit the gardens for the candle light show. We will break camp Sunday and return Tickets for the Brookgreen event are $18 ( $16 if purchased before Dec 1 see: I have a tent site reserved for Fri and Sat (Dec 12-13). If you wish to camp you will need to make your own reservations. For further details contact Starr Hazard 881-8902 or Register On-line via this URL

January 16-19 2015: Juniper Springs and Manatees Paddle and Hike Ocala Nat Forest in northcentral Florida

Where to Meet: Meet at site 40 in the Sand Loop (or 62 in the Fern loop if vacant) at 8PM if camping Friday, or at the camp store by 9AM Saturday if arriving later. The location is 4.5 miles west of Rt. 19 on SR 40. Note: There is no admission after 9:30 PM. (This is peak tourist season on a busy Holiday weekend; reserve your campsites ASAP)

Join us at Juniper Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest for the Martin Luther King Day weekend. We will paddle a pristine spring run and look for manatees at Blue Springs State Park. We will meet at the campground on Friday evening. Participants are responsible for arranging their own camp sites, which accommodate up to 5 people and 2 vehicles per site. There is limited availability for advance reservations, but the organizers or other participants may have capacity to share on their sites. Many sites are available on a first-come first-served basis, and nearby alternatives may be available of necessary. See the Juniper Springs Camping web page for camping information, and Juniper Springs Camping Reservations for on-line booking and availability. You can post a message for advice on sharing or possible alternative locations. Information on possible shared meals will be posted later.

On Saturday morning, we will meet at 9 AM outside the camp store to prepare for a 4-hour paddle down Juniper Creek, a seven mile route on crystal clear water through dense subtropical forests leading to a marsh. (See the photo above.) The creek has numerous tight turns, so some prior paddling experience is required. (You should be able to turn without difficulty.) Parts may be too constricted for longer sea kayaks: I would recommend boats no longer than 14 feet. Rentals are available, as is a shuttle service. Individual participants are responsible for bringing or renting their boats and paying the launch and shuttle fees. See the Juniper Springs Recreation Area web site or call 352-625-2808 for more information.

On Sunday morning, we will visit Blue Spring State Park, probably the best place in Florida to view manatees, which congregate in large numbers in the warm waters of the spring run each winter. (See the video above.) We will attempt to go early to beat the crowds. Admission is $6 per car. We will walk the trail along the spring run to view the manatees, and have lunch at a restaurant afterward, for those interested. The spring run is closed to water activities during manatee season, so we are not planning to bring boats here. Activities after lunch may include walking a mile-long nature trail around the sources of Juniper Creek (including Fern Hammock Spring in the first picture) and/or swimming in the spring near the campground, where the clear water bubbles up at 70 degrees year round. Other activities may be announced.

On Monday morning, we will pack up and go home. Those who are interested in one last activity can travel with us to De Leon Springs State Park for breakfast at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill restaurant, where guests can make their own pancakes at the table. Afterward, one can enjoy the park, which has boating opportunities, or begin the drive home.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Scott Yost at

Register On-line at this url

Urban Outing: Contra dancing every first and third Friday nights.

December 5, 19, 2014

Dance to live bands and with wonderful people. Admission $8 for all dancers. Fees go to Charleston Folk to pay the bands and rent the hall. For all you new to Contra Dancing here are a couple of links to info about what Contra Dancing is and a bit about its history.

A Contra Dance Primer.

Call Starr Hazard 881-8902 or e-mail hazardes@bellsouth. net or see (the link below is correct;copy/ paste into your browser).

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