Next Greenville meeting.

Wednesday, December 17 - 6:00 P.M.
Our Annual Holiday Celebration

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Next Greenville meeting:
Wednesday, December 17 - 6:00 P.M.

The December meeting is…
Our Annual Holiday Celebration, Food Extravaganza and Gift Exchange.

We have lots of room, so bring your friends and family to this event.

Bring a side dish or dessert. We will provide a meat tray and non-alcoholic beverages. If you would like beer or wine, please BYOB.
Also, bring a gift for a gift exchange. The gift can be good or gag…whatever you like. We will also have drawings for great Sierra Club prizes.

When: December 17, from 6-8 PM
Where: Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1135 State Park Road. The fellowship is located near the intersection of Altamont and State Park Roads.
Who: Questions or directions, call Jean Wilder at (864) 561-0794.

January meeting: 21 January: 7:30pm.

Penguins, Lemurs, and Whales

Ron and Kathleen, long time Sierra members, have traveled to all seven continents and a lot of places in between. At the January meeting, they will present a travelogue of their favorite places with an emphasis on penguins, lemurs, and whales.

This is a family event you do not want to miss. Popcorn and sodas will be provided. But be warned: As a Sierra Club member, you will have the urge to take your loved ones and go explore the planet you have helped to protect.

Join us on Wednesday, January 21 at 7:30 P.M. at 255 Enterprise Boulevard., Greenville, SC.

Five Titans of the Bartram Club


L to R: Karen Mascaro, Eric Thompson, Bob Church, and Norm Sharp. Not pictured, Dennis Chamberlain.

Five very special Sierra Club Bartram members will be rotating off the board after many years of service. Karen Mascaro: Karen has been our program chair. Over the years she has put together wonderful programs that have entertained and educated us. We are in awe of the variety of ways she has found to bring us environmental messages. Eric Thompson: He has been our chair and board member. His soft spoken but powerful presence has been the face of the Sierra Club and has enhanced our credibility. He provided the framework for making the Bartram Group an important voice in environmental matters as well as a fun organization to belong to. And one very special Bartram member was asked to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act at the November Bartram Meeting. Bob Church: Bob has been our treasurer. Our fi nances, while not vast, are complex with different spending restrictions. Bob has balanced the books, kept the accounts straight and never lost a check or missed a payment. Norm Sharp: Norm has devoted countless hours to Sierra Club. He has lead many hikes. As a member of the Sierra Club National Public Lands Committee, He has spent the last three decades working to protect wilderness areas. Dennis Chamberlain: He has been our legal chair. He has forged our positions and action plans on the Upstate's major environmental issues. And more importantly, he seeks resolutions that do not compromise our principles. We owe these folks a big thank you for the countless hours they have given over the years to this organization. The Upstate is a better place because of the work they have done for the Sierra Club and for the public. Getting to know and work with these folks is truly a benefi t of Sierra Club membership. ❧


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The Green Spot:

Tips for Staying Warm

1. Pile on the layers. Rather than cranking up the heat, put on your favorite fl eece, scarf, beanie, or slippers (fuzzy socks are also encouraged). You will immediately feel all cozy and warm, and not just because you're actively helping the environment.
2. Dodge that draft. Use draft dodgers to block the cold from sneaking under your door. You can even make your own. Making or purchasing one will only take minutes, and the saved heat in your house will be felt quickly.
3. Double up curtains. Keep the snow monster on the other side of your windows by using extra thick curtains or drapes on your glass panes. Open curtains during daylight hours to gain natural heat and close them at night to decrease the amount of heat lost through the glass, which can account for up to 25% of your heating bill.
4. Close up. Close the doors and vents in less-used rooms to minimize the amount of energy you use on heating. This will keep the heat where you want it most, and the rooms you close will quickly warm up when needed.
5. Get moving. Warm yourself up with exercise, whether it's a quick jog or cleaning up the house post-holidays. You'll feel warm and more energized for the day ahead in no time. Bonus points for getting others in your household or building to join you!
6. Cook up some warmth. Warm yourself from the inside out by eating soup or drinking tea when you feel the need for heat. For an extra snuggly night, pair this with tip number 1, a cozy blanket, and some reading.

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