Next Greenville meeting.

Wednesday: February 18: 7:30pm.
All About Greenlink with Pat Dilger,
Chair of Greenville Transit Authority

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Next Greenville meeting:
Wednesday: February 18 @ 7:30pm.

All About Greenlink
with Pat Dilger, the Chair of Greenville Transit Authority

Did you know that annual ridership of Greenlink, Greenville’s public transit system, topped 1,000,000 in 2014? Have you ridden the new trolleys that began rolling down Main Street over the summer? Are you interested in leasing one of the ten new bike lockers coming soon? Have you heard that a group of business leaders and concerned citizens came together to form the Upstate Transit Coalition (UTC)? Want to learn more?

Pat Dilger, Chair of the Greenville Transit Authority and principal of Overstreet Studio, an urban design firm that specializes in sustainable, walkable communities, at the February Bartram Group meeting. Pat will discuss the recent improvements made to Greenlink as well as plans for things to come.

Additionally, she will address the importance of land use planning for public transit to be a truly viable option in Greenville and the Upstate. Come learn about the emergence of the Upstate Transit Coalition and the role it plays in educating our public leaders and the community as a whole.


Thanks to all the people that made the 2014 Christmas Party such a success. Special thanks to: Jean and David Wilder for reserving the wonderful new Activities Room at the Greenville UU Church, having everything set up and handling all the dishes afterwards. Katherine Muller's Mother for decorating the hall so beautifully with greenery and candles. Katherine Muller for preparing multiple posters listing some of the accomplishments of South Carolina Sierra Club for 2014, and for inviting several new people (potential new members for Sierra Club), and for getting us a live band. Thank you to everyone who brought delicious food, drink and eclectic gifts for the gift exchange. Kathleen and I are still enjoying our Skiing Squirrel

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