Next Greenville meeting.

Adopt-a- Highway: Saturday, August 23 - 8:00 A.M.

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Next Greenville event:
Saturday, August 23 - 8:00 A.M.
Adopt-a- Highway

Help keep our little part of Greenville free from clutter and trash. Join other members of the Bartram Group as we continue our award-winning Adopt-a-Highway program along East North Street.

We'll gather on Saturday, August 23 at 8:00 A.M. at Mitchell Road Elementary School. This is on the corner of Mitchell Road and Old Spartanburg Road. This is a great way to connect with Bartram Group members and make a signifi - cant difference to the landscape that many travel on a daily basis. Bring water and work gloves. We'll provide orange safety vests and trash bags.

Contact Stephen Root at for details. Hope to see you there!

coming on September 16:

The Aging of the Nuclear State

•Ron Sobczak: Bartram Group Chair
•Susanne Rhodes: Columbia League of Women Voters

The aging of the Nuclear State: a survey of South Carolina's nuclear activities. It may come as a revelation to most South Carolinians how heavily nuclear we are. more


Saturday, September 13
• Picnic on the Saluda River with Frank Holleman

Our guest will be Frank Holleman of the Southern Environmental Law Center. This will be a picnic on the Saluda River to learn about coal ash and other threats to the Saluda River. Very informal. No limit. Call Dennis for details (864) 430-3754.

Lawyers Supporting the Environment:

•Dennis Chamberlain
General Practice • Emphasis on Bankruptcy, Financial & Business Issues.
819 East North Street, Greenville, SC 29601; (864) 331–3069

•Frank J. Dana III, CELA
Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation:
Upstate Elder Law, P.A.
Wills and Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Guardianships and
Conservatorships, Estate Administration, Special Needs Trusts
15 Brendan Way, Suite 215, Greenville, SC 29615; (864) 288–7631;

•Tom Dudley
Kenison, Dudley & Crawford, LLC
Construction and Business Law
704 East McBee Avenue, Greenville, SC 29601; (864) 242–4899

•Ronald A. Maxwell
With Emphasis on Personal Injury and On the Job Injuries
225 Chesterfield Street, NW Aiken, SC 29801; (803)641–6700
516 West Avenue, North Augusta, South Carolina 29861
(803) 202–1100;

•Don Pilzer
Social Security Disability only
300 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601; (800) 518–0234

•Gary W. Poliakoff
Representing Victims of Personal Injury and Toxic Exposure
and Contaminated Property • We represent no violators of
environmental law.
215 Magnolia Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306; (864) 582–5472

•Andrew N. Poliakoff
Workers Compensation and auto accidents.
152 Magnolia Street, Spartanburg SC 29306

• Adopt-a-Highway:

Under our name Sierra Club in green is a blue sign COUNTY WINNER! How cool is that!? The "have pride don't litter" sign hangs below that. (2012/11/14)

Outings & Events:

Volunteer Opportunities

street cleanup

We need volunteers to work on conservation issues. If you are interested, please contact Eric Thompson


The Green Spot:
Photography Tips for the Outdoorsperson.

1. Always check your light source. There are two things to be wary of: intensity and direction. Try to avoid the harsh light of the high noon sun. When trying to capture landscapes, the best light is found at dawn or dusk. When photographing friends or a subject, position the light so that it hits the subject from the front, not from behind. As a side note, overcast days are often great for outdoor photography, the clouds diffuse the light and your photos will come out rich without being over-exposed.
2. Use the Rule of Thirds. Try to position your subject using the Rule of Thirds. Imagine placing a grid across your photograph, dividing it up into nine equally spaced cubes. In following this rule, you'll want to place your subject at the intersections of these lines or along those lines. It is thought to provide a stronger composition and more interesting photograph than centering the subject in the frame would.
3. Look for patterns in nature. The human eye loves patterns, but to find them in nature you need to get in close for a detail shot. If you have a digital camera, don't hesitate to get down on the ground or zoom-in to get close enough to see patterns emerging.
4. Do the Cha-Cha, the Visual Cha-Cha. To really capture being in a location, you have to do the visual cha-cha. You'll want a wide shot, medium shot, and three detail shots. A wide shot would be a landscape shot, or think of it as if you were omnipresent. The medium shot would be a subject or two. And your detail shot would be the texture of a leaf or your friend's chalk-covered hands while rock climbing. Just remember wide, medium, tight-tight-tight.

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